Recommended for studbook keepers, species managers, prospective studbook keepers, other interested individuals

Are you a champion for a species that you think is special and you want to do more? Do you want to see that species thrive in zoos and know that you helped make that so? Do you want to have a more direct hand in management and conservation for that species?  If so, you need to become a studbook keeper and a program leader for that species.

December 3 & 4, 2021


Sarah Long, ZAA consulting population biologist

Josh Courteau, Species 360

ZAA AMP/Conservation Committee
Ken Kaemmerer
Karen Vacco
John Gramieri
Jeff Holland


December 3, 2021  9:00am-5:00pm
Lunch and dinner on your own

December 4, 2021  9:00am-5:00pm
Lunch and dinner on your own

Experts in the creation and management of studbooks in Species 360 – ZIMS, population management and experienced studbook keepers and program leaders will teach this two-day workshop.  You will receive the knowledge necessary to create a studbook and start a species program, and more specifically allow you to propose a ZAA Animal Management Program and studbook.  Topics include:

  • Creating a studbook and managing a studbook in Species 360 – ZIMS
  •  Genetic and demographic considerations in population management
  • Lessons in leadership of an animal program
  • Good communication with institutional representatives
  • Challenges to studbook and population management and how to address them


Hilton Fort Worth
815 Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas

Room: Texas Ballroom D (Third Floor)



$300 ZAA members
$400 Non-members

Space is limited to 20 students


Hilton Fort Worth
815 Main St, Fort Worth, Texas

Click for hotel reservations
ZAA Conference rate: $135/night. 
Must book by October 28, 2021 to receive the conference rate.

What TO Bring

This is a hands-on workshop

Please bring your laptop, power cord, and an extension cord.  Check that your browser is up to dateIf you are using a work-owned computer, be sure that you will be able to enable wifi and can install software.  Suggested browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. 

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