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  • January 09, 2021 4:00 PM | Anonymous

    Register for the ZAA Professional Development Webinars

    January 18 - A Discussion about Poop Soup: The Case for Transfaunation
    February 15 -
    When You Want to Get Furious, Get Curious: The Cliffnotes for Crucial Conversations

    The webinars are free for ZAA members.  Not a member? Join today!

    Watch the calendar for future webinars.
  • January 09, 2021 3:56 PM | Anonymous

    Due to the uncertainty of travel and availability of committee members to attend, ZAA has canceled the in-person meeting and instead will be having virtual Committee Meetings in March 2021.  The committee meeting schedule will be posted soon.

  • November 05, 2020 3:55 PM | Anonymous

    The ZAA Journal, Fall 2020 is available online.

    Articles inside this issue:

    • The COVID-19 Impact on Conservation
    • Anoa, Banteng and Babirusa: Working Together to Conserve Charismatic Indonesian Species from Extinction
    • ZAA Accredited Facilities Assist with Addax Reintroduction
    • The America Red Wolf: Politics, Ethics, and Advocacy
  • November 03, 2020 2:05 PM | Anonymous

    Register for the ZAA Professional Development Webinars

    November 16 - An Alphabetic Guide for Building a Successful Animal Welfare Program
    December 2 - Lobbying: It Only Hurts If You Don't Do It
    December 14 - So You Want to Work at the Zoo: Skills to Make Your Resume and Interview Stand Out
    January 6 - Tabletop Drills: Practicing Your Emergency Preparedness Exercises Within a Single Room

    The webinars are free for ZAA members.  Not a member? Join today!

    Watch the calendar for future webinars.

  • October 13, 2020 4:24 PM | Anonymous

    The ZAA 2021 award applications are available.  Submission deadline is July 31, 2021.  Applications open to ZAA members.

    Award categories:
    Excellence in Breeding
    In Situ Conservation
    Ex Situ Conservation
    Educational Award of Excellence
    Animal Exhibit Award of Excellence
    Comprehensive Immersion Exhibits
    Long-Term Commitment and Significant Propagation of a Single Species

  • August 20, 2020 4:30 PM | Anonymous

    ZAA Disaster Relief Fund awards grants
    The ZAA Disaster Relief Fund assists members in times of crisis.

    ZAA presented the second set of grants from the ZAA Disaster Relief Fund: COVID-19 Relief Food Fund to the following facilities towards the purchase of animal food:

    Animal Edutainment
    Forest Park Zoo
    Frank Buck Zoo
    Monterey Zoo
    Niabi Zoo

    Southwick's Zoo
    Washington Park Zoo

    Thank you to Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition and Spalding Labs for their generous support of the ZAA Disaster Relief Fund.

    Please consider supporting the ZAA Disaster Relief Fund with a donation.

  • August 19, 2020 1:28 PM | Anonymous

    The ZAA Journal, Summer 2020 is available online.

    Articles inside this issue:

    • How the Covid Crisis May Effect Wildlife Conservation
    • European Zoo Potpourri
    • You Otter Know: Assessing Guest Learning and Perception of North American River Otter Experiences
  • August 17, 2020 11:41 AM | Anonymous

    These are very difficult times during this full blown COVID -19 pandemic sweeping our nation. After being shuttered for 60 days beginning March with no gates and now operating at below 50% capacity, all of us are feeling the effects of the economic challenges as we try to keep our businesses alive and operational.

    The pandemic created worse challenges including social distancing, mandatory face covering and travel restrictions, resulting in a reluctance to travel and gather for conferences and social events.

    As a result, ZAA regrettably and reluctantly cancels its 2020 ZAA Annual Conference hosted by Fort Worth Zoo.

    We thank you for your support and cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Hopefully, this will all be over in due course and life will be back to normal as we know it.

    We look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas when we figure out the 2021 Mid-Year Meeting and 2021 Annual Conference.

    John Seyjagat
    Executive Director
    Zoological Association of America

  • July 01, 2020 11:11 AM | Anonymous

    Because you can never have enough animal related reading material... For a limited time, ZAA is offering its members only exclusive access to the quarterly Journal FREE to EVERYONE!

    Click on the link to keep up to date on industry news!

  • June 17, 2020 8:23 AM | Anonymous

    Monterey Zoo earns its first ZAA Accreditation

    Home to over 100 animals, the Monterey Zoo collection ranges from African elephants to spiders, with almost everything in-between. This zoological property is unique in that the “entire zoo” is literally brand new, not only offering the many who visit Monterey yet another reason to do so, but also offering the many under-privileged children who live in Monterey’s smaller surrounding agricultural communities an educational opportunity they might otherwise never have for lack of funding to travel hours to a neighboring zoo. Per Charlie, “achieving accreditation from ZAA was always a final goal and very much appreciated achievement that now enables Monterey Zoological to look, feel and move forward as a “real zoo.”

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