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The Zoological Association of America has compiled the information presented here for the benefit of persons interested in educational opportunities and careers in animal care and management. It has been gathered from many sources, including third parties. Correspondingly, the ZAA cannot endorse programs or institutions beyond its own process to accredit ZAA facilities.  Also, the ZAA cannot verify current courses of study at any institution, represent that the above is a complete list of academic programs, or endorse any particular path to careers in the industry. 

There are many ways that people enter the field of working with wild and exotic animals professionally. Through volunteerism, internships, certifications, degree plans or some combination of those are all instrumental in pursuit of a career working with wild and exotic animals. Many degrees are widely accepted in the field including Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Wildlife Ecology, Wildlife Management, Zoology, Zoo Science and more.

Professional Development

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High School Programs

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Teaching Zoos

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Two Year Associates Degree Zoo Programs

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Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs

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Vet Tech Programs

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Websites with General Advice

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Preserving the Past for Future Generations

The Zoo & Aquarium Video Archive includes video interviews with the some of the most prominent industry-leaders of the past 

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