Hall Family ZAA Wildlife Conservation Fund



Through the Hall Family ZAA Wildlife Conservation Fund together with direct support programs of our accredited members, ZAA directs vital conservation dollars to aid in the survival of many keystone species and a number of other threatened or endangered species on all seven continents. Our NGO partners in this important work are diverse and share our commitment to wildlife conservation, propagation of wildlife, and habitat conservation. On the ground in situ, we see this critical funding making a real difference and producing results that are measurable. For example, ZAA supports projects dealing with human/wildlife and predator/prey conflict avoidance, anti-poaching patrols and snare removal teams, the teaching of conservation agriculture practices, elephant beehive fencing and a number of progressive community outreach and education programs.


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International Rhino Foundation


Giraffe Conservation Foundation


Cheetah Conservation Botswana


Black-footed Cat Working Group


Nissa Lion Project


Zambian Carnivore Programme



International Elephant Foundation



Dyer Island Conservation Trust










The Hall family ZAA Wildlife Conservation Fund was created in memory of ZAA member Lynn Hall's wife and two sons.  Lynn and his family have contributed significantly for many years to the art of captive animal management and propagation. The Fund may be used for wildlife projects, including wildlife conservation, propagation of wildlife, and habitat improvement.

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